Homes Available in Uptown District

Hillcrest is one of San Diego’s first suburbs, and today remains a colorful and diverse community brimming with coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques. The area got its start in the Summer of 1906 when William Wesley Whitson received a business tip from his sister-in-law Laura Anderson. She had heard that the George Hill Estate was for sale.  Whitson purchased the hilly tract just north of downtown for $115,000, a bargain at the time.

Today, Hillcrest more closely resembles a village than an urban center.  The restored Hillcrest sign centers the area around University Avenue and gives it a unique character.  Streets are lined with antique stores, specialty shops, bookstores and specialty eateries.

Uptown District is a mixed use development completed in 1990, nestled in the heart of Hillcrest with condos, retail, restaurants and nightlife–all of which make it one unique and special address.