A Minimalist Artist's Cottage off the coast of Newfoundland

A Minimalist Artist's Cottage by Todd Saunders


Photo: Bent René Synnevåg

Perched on a rocky stretch of Fogo Island—off the coast of Newfoundland—this waterfront artist’s cottage is an arresting study in simplicity, with a seemingly basic form that reveals itself as a thoughtful composition of angles and openings. Clad in painted spruce, the compact structure is one of six studios designed by Norway-based architect Todd Saunders for the isle’s artist-residency program, which is aimed at promoting local culture while fostering creative exploration. It’s hard to imagine a more inspiring space than this off-the-grid building (powered by nearby solar panels). Inside, a broad window frames expansive views of the whitecapped Atlantic, providing a scenic backdrop for quiet contemplation.


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